This morning a large sum of money appeared in my bank account. I rang my bank and was told it was a family payment from the government. I was also told that a lot of people have received a payment this morning. Until I get a letter I’m not sure what this payment is for – it’s not my Family Tax Benefit A and B.

Democratic party hostesses in Washington are already writing Kim Beazley’s details into their address books, so they can get in the first invitations to the Labor party’s new Ambassador to Washington…

8pm last night I was phoned by Galaxy – unfortunately I’m a woman between 35 and 50 and they had enough of those so they didn’t take it any further. Never been contacted before since I’m in Higgins which you well know is safe Liberal territory. Must be a landslide if they’re polling Higgins – on 8% isn’t it?

It is my understanding that Malcolm Turnbull, who may have been disappointed when he managed to organise a meet and greet session in the common area of the Elan (1 Kings Cross Road, Darlinghurst) last night. I didn’t stay long enough to see him arrive, being that after about 45 minutes, I gave up. I believe when he arrived, 1 hour late, there was a great sea of about 5 people who had politely waited around.

I am wondering why hardly any mention is being made of the liklihood that the fake Lindsay pamphet was printed in Jackie Kelly’s electorate office on her rizograph machine. All fed MPs have one of these and they have various colour drums – blue, black, green, yellow etc. The blue colour is a dead giveaway and it would be interesting to search her office/computers. If the pamphlet had been black, it could have been done anywhere – instant printers, photocopiers etc, but not many small print setups would have blue available, but I bet Jackie Kelly’s office has.

Police were at the Lib campaign office in Lindsay yesterday.

Ch9 website: “Earlier, at the Riverlink shopping centre in Ipswich, in the electorate of Blair, Mr Howard got a heroes welcome – from a five year old. “He’s a hero!” cried Benjamin Choat before the PM gave him a giant hug. “I love John Howard,” called Ben’s sister Charlotte, 10, before the PM gave her the same treatment. Ben and Charlotte’s father, Sean said he’d definitely be voting for the coalition, citing economic stability as his number one reason.” That would be Sean Choat, Liberal candidate for ipswich West at the last state election.

Here in the crypto-colony of Solomon Islands, where many hundreds of Australian citizens reside, if only temporarily, the only electoral material to be found today at the the High Commission in any reasonable volume was from the Liberal Party. A lone Greens booklet lay beside pretty piece of Greens advertising paraphernalia. Nothing from any other political party. Any conclusions about the party-political support behind RAMSI?

I voted on Doha in Qatar last Sunday, compliments of the Embassy in Abu Dhabi (who did a great job!). There was a total lack of “How to Vote”s from any party for any seat. I guess that is what I expected from the Diplomatic Corps and DFAT – political neutrality. It was up to me to obtain whatever literature or information I needed to plan my vote – as it should be. That’s what the web is for!

Strange advertising on TV screens around Pacific Fair shopping centre on the Gold Coast on Thursday night. One pro WorkChoices ad and the strange “beware the green dodo” ad followed by “be sure what you vote for’ with a union ticket looking mean. Not an authorisation to be seen. Strange “news” headlines too: “growth up 6%” and “Striking teachers want too much”… I nearly choked on my oporto. Who pays for this? Is it legal? It was blatantly one sided.

Has a smelly Labor/Murdoch deal been done? The shadow communications Minister Conroy has been promising to reveal his media policy all week (Monday was the first milestone) but so far nothing. There was great interest as some wanted to see Labor’s reaction to the Coalition’s 3rd ABC digital TV channel (childrens cartoons). Of course Foxtel oppose this as it is competition to their childrens programs and consequently takeup. Despite an article in the Oz yesterday saying Conroy would release Thursday still nothing. Meanwhile the Telegraph (which till now has been virulently pro Coalition) and the Courier Mail have come out in favour of Rudd. These are two states with many marginal seats. The Hun where it is less important have favoured the Coalition so as to hedge their bets. Amazing. Labor has also half promised a fourth commercial TV network which would favour Fairfax and Labor.

Another round of Virgin Blue regional destinations are expected to be announced in Mid-December, Virgin are meeting with Airport Operators in early December to discuss the details.

Peter Fray

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