Labor leader Kevin Rudd will be elected next prime minister with a 6.8 per cent national swing against the Howard Government, a Ninemsn poll predicts.

In the largest poll of the 2007 election campaign, the Passion Pulse forecasts as many as 24 seats will swing Labor’s way on the back of a 53.4% two party preferred vote.

The Prime Minister will lose his seat to Maxine McKew while the result in his chosen successor Peter Costello’s electorate of Higgins will be too close to call.

The Passion Pulse is based on ninemsn’s online surveying of 86,763 people through the campaign and puts the following seats in play:


Hughes: Labor gain

Robertson: Too close to call

Cowper: Labor gain

Paterson: Labor gain

Page: Labor gain

Dobell: Too close to call

Bennelong: Labor gain

Eden-Monaro: Labor gain

Lindsay: Labor gain

Wentworth: Labor gain

Macquarie: Labor gain


Higgins: Too close to call

Gippsland: Labor gain

McEwen: Too close to call

Corangamite: Labor gain

Deakin: Too close to call


Hinkler: Labor gain

Flynn: Too close to call

Petrie: Labor gain


Kalgoorlie: Too close to call

Stirling: Too close to call

Hasluck: Labor gain


Sturt: Labor gain

Boothby: Labor gain

Makin: Labor gain

Wakefield: Labor gain

Kingston: Labor gain


Bass: Labor gain

Braddon: Labor gain


Solomon: Too close to call

Forecasts for all seats and Cabinet members’ electorates are also available. The Passion Pulse poll suggests that Malcolm Turnbull, Peter McGauran and Mal Brough will be looking for new jobs along with their old boss.