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Nov 22, 2007

Bronwyn Bishop: but think of the children!

Bronwyn Bishop has sent the letter below to her constituents. In it, she expresses her concern that "our youth have never experienced a socialist government..."

Bronwyn Bishop is worried about the youth of today (click to enlarge): 

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2 thoughts on “Bronwyn Bishop: but think of the children!

  1. Sue

    A Lib talking about truth? After the events of the past few weeks, one wonders if any of them know what the word means. She’s not only overdosed on hair spray, but she’s been pulling that bun too tight.

  2. Kurt

    Poor scared Bronwyn,we are finally seeing the results of not reading the small print on the side of the hair spray cannister. Goodness, beauty are very hard to see anywhere in these final hours of John, his good wife and Prue.