Is the barrister Mark Speakman, who has given an opinion (commissioned by the Liberal Party) that George Newhouse’s candidacy may be invalid the same Mark Speakman who was a failed candidate for Liberal preselection in Cook in June this year?

Happy-clappers Hillsong scotched a proposed youth fund-raising project tentatively dubbed “CoolAid”. Interestingly, it wasn’t the association with Jim Jones’ cult mass-suicide that proved a problem. Unwelcome overtones of Ken Kesey’s counter-culture Merry Pranksters rang the warning bell. It seems LSD is more of a concern than cyanide for our youngsters.

If Howard wins the first sitting will not before 5 February. If Rudd wins there will be 2 weeks of sittings before the end of December. Same source which predicted election in the new year. Treat accordingly.

My sister is an ambo and she says that informal polling in her ambulance (based out of Liverpool) shows that most elderly patients are voting Labor and most of her fellow ambos are voting Howard – which is the opposite of what she expected.

Just placed my overseas vote in Honolulu. All brochure information in the consulate was concerning “how to vote for the Liberal party” in big bright turquoise… sick . FYI, on the senate ballot paper, Labor is convienently located right at the far end of the paper, you need to look very closely, I’m sure the font is the smallest of all parties, I think it’s located between the gun lobby and Fred Nile’s band of freedom fighters.