Morris Major required, but Morris Minor on duty? Some senior Ministers and their staffers in the Iemma Government are whingeing to Press Gallery journos (especially from The Daily Telegraph), that the Premier rarely swings into action before 9.30am and does not take meetings, schedule events and is rarely at his desk after 4.30pm. Watch the Telegraph or one of the TV news programs for a major story on this soon.

A tight result in Wentworth may be exacerbated by the geographically challenged staff at the Australian High Commission in London. Two postal votes were applied for from the Australian High Commission, for two voters registered in Rose Bay (Wentworth). Postal voting papers were received today – for the electorate of Page!

Well, I complained about John Howard stuffing up the traffic around the Queensland Cultural Centre on 12 November (i.e. roads blocked with no warning signs etc); so I should avoid accusations of bias and complain that Kevin Rudd was responsible for a similar mess yesterday morning.

Staff working in NSW psychiatric hospitals were presented with an updated NSW Mental Health Act on 7 November. They’ve got until this Saturday to get this 201-page document under their belts.