General public interest in this election seems to have reached an all time low. Of the 50 stories in the Crikey survey this morning of the most read lists on 10 news media internet web sites, only three dealt with the campaign. Since the formal campaign, began the daily average is nine stories and only once before has the number been as low as three.

The pattern of declining interest shows up clearly in this Crikey graph plotting a seven day daily moving average of interest in the campaign.


For the Government this cannot be good news. Team Howard has been banking on gaining support once people begin to get interested in the election. The way things are going that day will never come.

Not that Kevin Rudd should find anything to be delighted about. His policy speech announcements have been largely ignored but then he does have the advantage of being a frontrunner with a substantial lead. Today’s Reality Check:

Sydney Morning Herald

  1. Shut it Shane, you miserable man: Murali
  2. Ghost flight scandal haunts BA
  3. Brad and Angelina buy Dubai island
  4. A valley girl seduces London
  5. Visiting Parliament House is still harrowing, says Brogden

The Age

  1. Warne to get the silent treatment
  2. The hack of the year
  3. Rudd assails ‘reckless’ PM
  4. Police hurt in crash
  5. Imran Khan faces terror charges

The Australian

  1. Rudd’s smart nation drive
  2. Premier demands MP’s axing
  3. Newsreader found dead
  4. Police union boss admits warning…
  5. Imran hit with terror charges


  • Channel 7 blocks Chaser skit
  • Chief wanted to get rid of me: Mullett
  • Rudd talks of ‘education revolution’
  • Hitler’s globe sells for $US100k
  • Ponting rejects poaching proposal

The West Australian

  1. Cousins still keen to play in AFL again
  2. Woman killed, man hurt in medical bus crash
  3. Murali hits back
  4. Another falls victim to Burke links
  5. Fallout over Archer, Fels continues

Sydney Telegraph

  1. Coren humiliated by bosses
  2. Little Emily didn’t stand a chance
  3. The Right Brain vs Left Brain
  4. Is Bec Hewitt pregnant again?
  5. Gyngell livid over Hi-Five disaster

Melbourne Herald Sun

  1. Right Brain v Left Brain
  2. Is it baby tears for Bec?
  3. Cousins gets Sydney sun
  4. Phone bugs stun Mullett
  5. Landslide cuts power flow


  1. Record heat on way
  2. Crows won’t rule out Dew
  3. Bec’s tearful breakdown
  4. Welfare agency full of ‘fat cats’
  5. Net predator caught

Courier Mail

  1. Booing as woman dies in queue
  2. Tragic Ryan’s agonising death
  3. North braced for cyclonic winds
  4. Signed Hitler book in Brisbane…
  5. Connery ‘s-xier than Clooney’

  1. Booing as woman dies in queue
  2. Hi-Five disaster irks Gyngell
  3. Huge landslide slashes power
  4. Booing as woman dies in queue
  5. Spice Girls comeback falls on…