Election 2.0, and it’s day one-hundred-and-fifty-seven of a campaign that will offer nothing better than the red face of Tony the Pugilist Jesuit, is still awful. I’ve tried for you, believe me. Extended search strings, entreaties by email and even, yes, gestures on Facebook have failed to find the virtual excellence you must be craving. (En route to research, however, I joined the Facebook discussion group Wystan Hugh Auden is the coolest guy ever! and have found the exercise thus far improving.)

This weekend past, I determined to hunt for neo-con humour, Liberal High-Jinks and general Coalition contretemps. Deductive and inductive reason tells us there must be some amusing conservatives.

A posteriori evidence: P J O’Rourke, Paul Johnson (I haven’t read him, but mate L has and reports that the book Intellectuals is quite good).

A priori evidence: Tim Blair. Conservatives must have compassion and a sense of humour to have elevated such a slipshod wit to a desk and plane of influence.

Despite the widespread and not entirely unwarranted belief that lefties are errant, humourless trash, most of the truly comic user-generated stuff on YouTube has been pink-tinged. This, aforelinked, is sweet. This journey via Jimmy Page is genius.

Rightly, this latter entertainment has been much more lavishly viewed by disheartened constituents than the party political ads online. Look for equivalent chortles from the right and you might be disappointed.

Big on antipathy, fairly middling on humour, this spoofs the MasterCard “priceless” ad. Which, as you know, has been done to its over-broiled death. A user was inspired to join in this weekend past to narrowcast this message of low carnality.

I can’t find anything else. I can’t even find a funny anti-Rudd facebook discussion group that serves it up to a man CLAMOURING for parody.

I’m back to Auden for the rest of the afternoon. Unless, of course, you can find me a niblet or three.