Less than two weeks to go, one campaign already launched (so soon!) … things are hotting up in the long, long run to Election 2007.

Now more than ever, you need the array of special features to be found on the election pages at www.crikey.com.au.

To be precise:

Crikey’s election tracker: follow B1 and B2 every step of the way with links to coverage and multimedia.

All the ads: all the TV spots and YouTube doodles as they are released by the major parties.

Crikey’s Cabbie panel: some of the best political minds in the country pick over the issues of the day.

Citizen Crikey: a rolling blog bringing you the voices of the marginals

Check out extensive seat profiles of our Seats To Watch, and read up on every other seat in the House. And don’t forget the collected musings of the Crikey Commentariat. There are cartoon galleries from Mark Cornwall and First Dog On The Moon, Richard Farmer’s collected Daily Verdict, detailed Policy Comparisons and Farmer’s authoritative pork register, The Grass Roots Gravy Train.

Crikey’s Election 07 online: all you need to fluff you opinion and inform your vote. We’re here to help.

This has been a shameless piece of self-interested spruiking on behalf of Crikey. Written and authorised by … us.