Less than two weeks after announcing a $300M overrun on its Prominent Hill mining development, Oxiana has been ordered by the Department of Defence to immediately stop work on the 132kV powerline to the mine site. The Department of Defence Woomera defence range encompasses a vast tract of land including the Oxiana Prominent Hill Mine Site and the Power transmission line corridor from Prominent Hill to Olympic Dam. Oxiana failed to achieve concessions in recent crisis meetings with the Department Defence after the Department of Defence discovered that Oxiana had commenced constructing the line to a route not previously agreed.

A list drawn up by Labor for the top public service job at PM & C has Melbourne vice-chancellor and politicial scientist Professor Glyn Davis at number one. Davis, a Queenslander and former Premiers’ Dept head there, is currently mired in messy restructuring at his university, and just might accept an offer that came his way.

I’ve heard that Peter Boxall (DEWR) probably won’t be required in the event a Labor government gets up. But then, he might not want to work with them either. Oh, and I did also hear that in the interests of efficiency, DHS might disappear. Good thing too. Just a pity Patricia Scott won’t get sucked into the void with them.

At the War Memorial at the Remembrance day ceremony in Canberra. It is 10.30am on Sunday morning, 11 November, and the crowd is waiting for the Governor-General to arrive. The PM’s white car with PM and Hyacinth is seen driving up the pre-blocked-off Anzac Parade. The driver takes the wrong turn into Fairbairn Ave and has to do a complete circuit on Fairbairn Ave in front of the War Memorial to return to the entry circle and arrive at the correct meeting point … all watched by the thousands of invited waiting guests. Comments from the crowd “Wrong way Howard!” He can’t seem to do a thing right!

Does it breach caretaker election rules and conventions that yesterday afternoon and early evening the Australian Government was still running climate change television advertisements on Sydney television stations? Isn’t all government advertising supposed to be suspended once writs have been issued for the election?

I live in Wentworth and I was Galaxy Polled last night. I suspect these guys have a vested interest to produce results that suit a certain agenda given they hung up when I answered with my age “not fitting our criteria of females aged under 49”. Clearly targetting the Doctor’s Wives to give the appearance that the electorate thinks otherwise.

Go to Google and search for “liberal party logo”. Click on “Images” and then the search button. I was surprised to see in the top row the ALP logo! Who’s the offender? Parliamentary Education Office!

Re. Qantas flight 957. “Tips and rumors” (Friday, item 8). Let me assure your reader, as a Qantas pilot, that no aircraft will enter the active runway without a clearance from the control tower. The aircraft you saw would have been cleared to enter in the controllers judgement and the pilots judgement. Even when the pilots cannot see the aircraft, due to their direction of movement, they have a traffic information display on their screens, as a back up. Try not to worry so much.