ABC Online: Prime Minister John Howard has told the audience at the Coalition’s official election launch in Brisbane that the best years of the nation lie ahead.

The Australian: A re-elected Coalition government would pay the childcare rebate up-front and provide up to $1 million to help build childcare facilities in areas of greatest need, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

Sydney Morning Herald: The Coalition has targeted young families with pledges on housing, education and child care at its “official” campaign launch in Brisbane. 

NineMSN: Mr Howard said a re-elected Coalition government would introduce from 2008/09 tax-free home savings accounts for all Australians who have yet to own their first home.

Sky News: Prime Minister John Howard has made three major policy announcements at the Coalition campaign launch in Brisbane, including changes to the childcare rebate, a special savings scheme for first homeowners, and an education rebate.