Surely the only way for interest in this election to go from here is up!

This morning’s Reality Check shows the lowest reading since the campaign started – just four election stories out of the 50 in the top five most read lists of the 10 internet news sites we survey! On eight of those sites politics did not make it at all as the trend towards declining interest continues apace.

The only event that has really caught the interest of readers so far was the debate. Since then it’s been down, down, down.


Sydney Morning Herald

  1. Schoolboy Julian’s lifesaving MythBuster moment
  2. Hamlet shaken by murder then suicide
  3. Trioli quits radio for full-time television career
  4. F3 smash: long delays
  5. Cries for Shellay to be helped went unheard

The Age

  1. Top officer linked to corruption scandal
  2. Sin city’s flash succumbs to Yarra culture
  3.  Victoria’s unis slide in ranking
  4. BHP tilts at Rio, proposing merger of giants
  5. Climate change ‘serious threat’ to coastal towns

The Australian

  1. BHP stalks Rio in $400billion deal
  2. Tapes expose a police force divided
  3. Car firms plead for PM’s help
  4. We’re not ‘welfare state’
  5. BHP stalks Rio in $400bn deal


  • Unemployment, job numbers up
  • Latham savages ‘Seinfeld’ election
  •  Top cop’s secret phone conversations revealed
  • Rudd warns of ‘double whammy’ for families
  • Hide your old pills in poop: US Government

The West Australian

  1. $600,000 car stolen in brazen theft
  2. Southern train on track
  3. BHP stuns market with massive takeover bid for Rio Tinto
  4.  Eight-legged Indian girl stable
  5. Teacher ‘secretly met student for s-x’

Sydney Telegraph

  1. Finland school massacre
  2. The Right Brain vs Left Brain
  3. Revealed: Shellay’s prison
  4. Blinded victim plea: ban pub glass
  5. Lion cuties line up for crown

Melbourne Herald Sun

  1. Right Brain v Left Brain
  2. Newman laughs off coke link
  3. Secret recordings reveal leaks
  4. Durie snips Bush
  5. Melbourne Cup break-up


  1. Stripper visits school in…
  2. Crow’s crashed car seized
  3. Bride’s s-x fiend nightmare
  4. Revealed: Shellay’s bedroom hell
  5. Woman drove on wheel rim

Courier Mail

  1. How do we ask for s-x?
  2. Python feasts on family cat
  3.  Cruising for women
  4. Traffic hit by Gateway chaos
  5. Stripper visits pupils in mix-up

  1. Mum books stripper for teen son
  2. Bar attack victim wants glass ban
  3. Pet cat ends up as python meal
  4. Mafia code reveals gangsters’ 10…
  5. Schoolies seek Bindeez highs