1) Industrial Democracy. Remember this quaint term from ages past? The idea that workers might actually have a say in the workplace, and that democracy might be given a real meaning in our everyday lives? Perhaps Barbara Bennett could front an advertising campaign.

2) State aid. Will no-one call a halt to the socially divisive public funding of private schools while public education is left to starve?

3) US alliance. Do we really need to cosy up so shamelessly to the greatest force for instability in the world? Or is it that we are permitted no choice?

4) Aboriginal treaty. When will we make peace and forge a genuine understanding rather than waffle on about reconciliation while the health of our Indigenous population remains an unalleviated international disgrace? Why do we send in soldiers and police instead of social workers?

5) Ban on rich MPs. Who will be game to put a ceiling on wealth to be eligible to stand for parliament? Who will save us from the wealthy governing for the wealthy? Is it time for a property qualification in reverse?

6) Doctor shortage. When will the real issue of doctor shortages be addressed? Who will take on the AMA and address the outrageous artificial situation that its influence creates, especially in regard to specialists?

7) Pharmacists’ cartel. Will no-one tackle the second most powerful lobby group in the land that is largely immune from competition, even without a Dick Pratt in its ranks?

8) Irrigators. Will the real cost of water ever be charged, and will we have the guts to pay more for food?

9) Pokies. Apart from Nick Xenophon, who will take up the real issue of gambling and its damaging consequences – the lack of adequate revenue sharing?

10) Term limits. After 33 years in parliament, they speak a language all their own. Who will be game to say enough is enough, and never again?

11) Aid scams. When will we change our overseas aid focus to one of genuine humanitarian need rather than the neoliberal scam we now have that hugely benefits selected Australian businesses, with a heavy taxpayer subsidy, but does little to alleviate poverty or further good governance in countries like Papua New Guinea or East Timor?

12) Privatisation. When will someone be game enough to seek a constitutional amendment to mandate the electorate’s approval before selling off publicly owned assets? A case might then have to be argued.

13) The Senate. If we have to have it, let’s make it a real house of review and stop appointing ministers from there, as one-time Tasmanian Liberal Max Burr campaigned long and hard for – a lone voice, but a sensible one.

14) Sheeds. Why will no-one take up the greatest scandal of 2007 – Essendon’s sacking of an Aussie footy legend who would make a fine ambassador for just about anything?

15) Stumblebum. Why has no-one burnt Kevin Andrews in effigy?