A salutary reminder this morning for all we political junkies. The high school massacre in Finland is proving of far more interest to readers of news on the internet than that interest rate business.

Even on the site of that Melbourne establishment paper The Age the Reserve Bank decision comes in third on the top five most read list with the toy that turns in to a drug leading the way.

Because the Murdoch sites are again showing that their journalists can not live up to the edict of the boss to become internet savvy and have now not updated their most read lists since Monday, the Nine MSN and Brisbane Times join the Crikey Reality Check survey.

And adequate replacements for news.com they are. Neither features a political story!

Sydney Morning Herald

  1. High school massacre: eight dead
  2. Double jeopardy for home buyers
  3. Pained PM seeks rates forgiveness
  4.  Starved girl’s sister was taken from her family
  5.  Portrait of a woman raped by war wins prize

The Age

  1. Recall ordered for toy that turns into drug
  2. Eight die in Finland school shooting
  3. Howard says sorry as rates head towards 9%
  4. Crash is coming, warns top investor
  5. Disturbing story behind tragedy


  • PM says sorry for latest rate hike
  • Rate rise proof of good management: Costello
  • Die and you’re under arrest! Britain’s stupidest laws revealed
  • Rate rise hurts PM’s credibility: Rudd
  • Mums, dads to get year’s parental leave: Hockey

The West Australian

  1. Nine killed in Finnish school massacre
  2. Teacher ‘secretly met student for sex’
  3. North Fremantle drowning
  4. Ben Cousins back in Australia: report
  5. Thirteen year minimum for Arthurs

Brisbane Times

  1. Lego loses trademark case against Ms Lego
  2. Meredith murdered ‘in sex gone wrong’
  3. Afghans mourn suicide attack victims
  4. Cow falls 60m onto car
  5. Man strangled 8yo girl, sexually abused corpse

Nine MSN

  1. Space shuttle Discovery returns to Earth
  2. Celebration of Dragun’s life to be held
  3. Taxi impounded after fatal hit-and-run
  4. Terri Irwin rules out another romance
  5. Timberlake shows Duran Duran new tricks