In the wake of the Melbourne Cup, interest in politics has reached an all time low. There is only one political story in the four top five lists in today’s survey and that is a very peripheral reference on the ABC website about broadband.

Over at the Murdoch sites there has been no change in the most read lists since yesterday. Either the readers or the workers must have taken Cup Day off.

The West Australian

1. Ben Cousins back in Australia: report
2. Forensic officers sift through riot scene
3. Broadcaster George Grljusich dead
4. Cup day death in ‘true George style’
5. Indian doctors operate on eight-limbed child


  • Efficient wins Melbourne Cup
  • Bindeez banned over GHB fears
  • Aussie soldier dies in East Timor
  • Coalition ‘nobbled’ broadband figures
  • Cup field diminishes following late scratchings

Sydney Morning Herald

1. How could this little girl have starved to death?
2. The rate that stops a nation in its tracks
3. Aussie maths whiz supercharges net
4. Mutilation murder: widow charged
5. Pubs filthy over Labor rebuff on small bars

The Age

1. Crash is coming, warns top investor
2. Jet sales to Pakistan haunt Canberra
3. Recall ordered for toy that turns into drug
4. Yarra bank caves in after work on Toorak home site
5. 9kg autistic child, 7, found dead at home