Rupert Murdoch writes: The Daily Telegraph is sitting on a big story on Kevin Rudd that will make the Scores story seem irrelevant by comparison. The Tele will run with the story this Friday.

My partner doesnt work for the CBA but has seen their annual report to be released tomorrow. It shows a profit of almost $5 billion.

Federal candidate for Indi Sophie Mirabella last night stormed out in the middle of the Vince Jones Cup Eve Concert, the final event of the very successful 2007 Wangaratta Jazz Festival. Vince Jones introduced a song acknowledging pacifists such as Mandela and Gandhi and then made a couple of comments relating to current political behaviours. Sophie slammed down her seat and stormed out of the hushed concert venue. Her husband Greg Mirabella who is employed by the Jazz Festival remained in the concert. Concertgoers were appalled by Ms Mirabella’s behaviour are building an alliance with Facebook to counter’s relationship with MySpace.

Foxtel or Foxsportstel? Have you guys been following the move of Setanta Sports – new competitor in Pay TV sports land – to Foxtel and Austar. It’s interesting to look at how they have been received by both parties. A quick look: On Austar – Setanta are official partners, bringing their subs fee down to $6 per month, with backend subscription support. Given prominent channel number 510. Have just been allocated a two-week “Freeview” period available to all Austar subscribers. On Foxtel – Buried at channel 525. Setanta charge $14.95 as they have to do all the backend work. No freeview… Surely Foxtel aren’t paranoid about the competition for Fox Sports are they? Anyone who doubts the anti-competitive stance of Mr Murdoch and his Foxtel minions has rocks in their head.

My understanding is that Pyne has been doing some work checking the numbers for a post election leadership vote, to occur straight after the election. Looks like JWH will not be serving anytime, and hand the reigns straight to Costello.

Peter FitzSimons is in the frame to replace Karl Stefanovic on the Today show next year. His radio contract won’t be renewed. It’s seen as an answer to the troubles that Sunrise has given the Today show. FitzSimons’ blokey charm and the chemistry between him and his wife Lisa Wilkinson is expected to work in the style of the successful Richard and Judy morning program on UK TV.

On a recent visit to my mum’s (she lives in Kooyong), I noticed a Petro Georgio brochure. Reading it, I noticed – quelle surprise – not one, single, itsy-bitsy mention of the PM, whether by name or title.

Our High Commissioner in Wellington is known as the White Queen!

Interesting that the ballot paper in Kevin Rudd’s home town seat of Fairfax has two Kevins on the ticket. One from the Citizens Action Group and the other from One Nation WA (both will be getting Liberal preferences). What a coincidence!

You write that Rendition was pulled from its 15 November release date (yesterday, Tips and rumours). Nothing political here – the movie flopped in the USA and Village Roadshow is likely to scale back a local release.