What the Coalition campaign team needs is a few more of these winning days when people really are interested in the election. Our daily survey of what people are reading on the news websites suggests that time has not yet come.

If it was not for coverage of the latest round of opinion polls, our Daily Reality Check would not contain much politics at all.

Sydney Morning Herald

  1. No warning of newsreader’s anguish
  2. Aussie maths whiz supercharges ADSL
  3. Glassing: woman suffers eye laceration
  4. Looking for the ruthless party boys
  5. Tutankhamen’s ‘beautiful’ face revealed

The Age

  1. Hospital divided over surgeon
  2. S-x acts copied from online porn sites
  3. … and the rain even fell in the catchments
  4. Traffic delays in Nunawading
  5. Labor boost for ‘first home savers’

The Australian

  1. PM’s bid to make rates a positive
  2. Coalition’s seat-by-seat campaign
  3. Army may not fall in behind…
  4. Newsreader found dead
  5. Legal bid to block Rivkin records


  • Howard denying all responsibility for inflation: Rudd
  • Coffee bean poll tipped to reveal election result
  • Labor maintains commanding poll lead
  • Labor promises $500m for first homebuyers
  • Howard embraces possible rate rise

The West Australian

  1. Journalist believes former boyfriend may be a serial killer
  2. Future in doubt for Red Bull in Perth
  3. Ten newsreader Charmaine Dragun found dead
  4. Teacher pay deal a slap in the face, says union
  5. Bikie questioned, raided over Rayney murder

Sydney Telegraph

  1. Rooster’s feathers ruffled
  2. Dragun’s family, friends ask why
  3. The Right Brain vs Left Brain
  4. Truth of the Hawko-Gale tale
  5. Joey’s not perfect, but who is?

Melbourne Herald Sun

  1. Right Brain v Left Brain
  2. Daniel’s smitten
  3. Man dies in wild storms
  4. Heaviest rain in 20 months
  5. Don’t worry, be naughty


  1. Dramatic arrest after chase
  2. Newsreader’s tragic message
  3. PM denies roads funding snub
  4. ‘My baby girls are dead’
  5. Wedding gremlins kept at bay

Courier Mail

  1. Man’s ears lopped off
  2. Howard campaign has stalled
  3. Corpse punched during funeral
  4. Man charged with rape, torture
  5. Newsreader felt ‘isolated’


  1. Man’s ears severed in swimming…
  2. Swimmer’s ears lopped off in…
  3. Meat Loaf quits like bat out of…
  4. Le Bon: the drugs killed Hutchence
  5. ‘It’s hard to spy on Muslims’

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