Where’s Philip Ruddock? With the Hicks issue effectively buried, and not much talk about terror, we’ve heard not a peep from the Attorney General on the campaign trail. We went to Media Monitors for the stats on the missing man, the only member of cabinet who boasts a startling resemblance to Emperor Palpatine. Including our celebrity sample, Britney Spears, and collating the figures alongside Brendan Nelson, they came up with this result:

Please note the final figure for Philip Ruddock’s mentions. Just saying.

Citizens say the darndest things. Australians were out in force yesterday scaring the politicians. An older lady petting a marsupial told Kevin Rudd: “He thought I was all boobs!” (We believe she was referring to the furry animal). A young lady (part-time Britney impersonator?) ran over to the PM and Janette with the exclamation: “I was so that excited I forgot to put undies on. I just ran straight here!!” All the footage is on YouTube (via ABC News). Watch as Janette exclaims “ooh” at the revelation and tries valiantly to erase the memory. Still, surely she’s used to this kind of thing from George W Bush (YouTube).

Anna Coren hates worms. Today Tonight doesn’t like the worm. We hear the worm doesn’t like them much either. In a gripping expose this week they called Channel Nine’s worm a grub. (Oh and Alan Jones reckons Peter Costello is the best Treasurer in the world). (YouTube footage)

Worst week ever. One man provided another reason for Tony Abbott to go back to bed, cutting in with a torrent of abuse as Abbott was cutting the ribbon on the Commonwealth’s Mersey Hospital. (YouTube footage)

Growing his assets. Howard is pro-growth. But the growth of what exactly, asks one dirty-minded blogger.

Watch out Janette! The ladies who love John Howard are getting their groupie on. Bea Wight writes: Dearest devotees of the John Howard Ladies Auxiliary Fan Club: More of us Jo Hos, rooting out undesirables at Federation Square. Footage here.

Telling Howard where to go.



Image captured by Paddlingforrefugees.org