It’s been fascinating listening to John Howard talk about how he believes there is a place for unions in Australia.

You’ve got to admit he’s a pro. Even the tick The Chaser highlights doesn’t kick in when he says unions are legit.

The Crosby Textor obsession with union leaders in the front row of a future Rudd Cabinet is a joke. It’s desperate. It will barely pull a vote back. I hope Textor is not charging for that advice.

WorkChoices is the issue that has cracked the love affair with “Howard’s Battlers”. So why would you remind them with a big paid ad campaign during the campaign? People like Greg Combet and Bill Shorten are quality candidates. Even the bosses would agree.

Maybe the ALP should replay Peter Costello in the front row of the Dollar Sweets union busting litigation of the 80s, just to conflict with Howard’s union loving free media message.

The Libs and The Australian love jumping on the comments of Dean Mighell and Peter Marshall in Victoria. Both outspoken union leaders and politically uncomplicated. But guess what Howard and Costello and Mark T? Try and find one of their members who thinks they are not out there boxing on for workers’ interests. They are uncompromising. They are doing their jobs. It would be better for their members if they tried to get the ALP elected, but they feel a bit disenfranchised. That’s life in the Labor Party. People get a say. That’s what John Howard used to stand for.

The Liberal national TV ads featuring Joe McDonald, the WA CFMEU organiser, are incomprehensible. What in the hell are they trying to say? Our family laughed when they saw them. It’s like the HIA’s contractor legislation campaign in 1993 which had blue singletted union organisers frightening a granny over building her Barbecue. We all know what happened in ’93.

What about the NFF jumping into the abyss with their anti-union ads? Geez, those poor cotton farmers will be really stuffed if WorkChoices gets a work over (fellas – water might be the main game for you lot).

Who worked for asbestos-affected workers and their compensation claims? Not John Howard or Peter Costello. Who worked to get workers decent compensation and superannuation schemes? Not the dynamic duo again.

I felt sorry for former unionist Tony Abbott at my ferry stop this morning. He’s stuck with a couple of duds.

Business is more interested in getting skilled staff. Not screwing workers. It’s about time Howard and Costello got into the main game and started talking sense like some of the supposed dangerous union leaders who might be running the country in a few weeks.