What happened to the rest of it, Joe? Peter Costello’s low church fire and brimstone preaching has come true, or so Joe Hockey’s latest eNewsletter suggests. It talks about “Our $1.1 million economy”.

The GST bogey man. Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott reckons he knows just what Kevin Rudd’s ” secret plan” is for funding a Canberra-run health system…

Cupcakes for Kevin. Claire from NSW sent a dessert entry to the Kevin07 site (recipe included). “This weekend I got baking for a family BBQ and the Kev-cakes went down a treat! Another batch is due on Nov 24! Please note the worried looking J.Howard in the middle.”

What is this, the Nixon campaign? Julia Gillard is a communist. And Wayne Swan, according to the Liberal Party website, is a hippie.