I’ll be of pensionable age before this election is held so you can call me biased if you want … but the Coalition’s appeal to grey power put it clearly on top of The Daily Verdict for yesterday. It wasn’t just the announcement of the $4 billion hand-out to the nation’s elderly but the pictures that went with it.

The Coalition campaign team even managed to get some age balance into their pitch by having Treasurer Peter Costello out frolicking with children while Prime Minister John Howard was out with the bowlers. They should keep it up because the Costello image will need some touching up if he is to be an effective Leader of the Opposition.

The Opposition’s message for the day was positively swamped by the Government’s announcement.

I should add that it is with some sense of shame in the peer group I am rapidly approaching that I note the somewhat churlish reaction of those who claim to speak for us oldies. It seems that no hand-out will ever be sufficient to satisfy everyone and something more than a “me too” response is clearly wanted from Kevin07.

As I contemplate the promised goodies to soon come my way, I think I will start pushing for the introduction of the American congressional system of elections every two years. Three years is far too long to wait for bribery payments.

Coalition ALP
Television 1.84 0.95
Newspapers 0.81 0.00
Radio 0.37 0.25
Internet 0.12 0.00
TOTAL 3.14 1.19

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