Slice of Kevin, you’ll be pleased to learn, is not too flush with his debate success to overlook his Facespace obligations.

Even after playing Top in Sunday’s Live Man on Man Action, he still finds the time to log on, LOL and, of course, purchase virtual lap dances for the thousands who pursue his friendship.

As the Kevinator plum forgot his valiant plan to save the earth while he was on the actual telly, he made amends on the intertubes.

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In a moment of unchecked passion, this young rebel shared his climate change television advertisement with fellow insurgents of Da Net.

I’ve actually begun to wonder if it’s circumspect or proper for a Pollie to have a presence on this site. One ends up promoting more than policy and concocted warmth on Facebook.

As the habitué knows, the facebath revenue model is advertising. Contiguous to every profile, including Kevin’s, is an online commercial for some piece of hooey or other. No matter how many times I reloaded his page this morning, it seemed that the commercial in question mocked or mimicked his mellow-left headshot.

First, an insolvent Aussie family encouraged me to join one of those Christmas Clubs. You know the sort? Ten bucks each week buys you a tatty basket full of shop-soiled trans fat addled snacks? You know: a Yule and his money are soon parted?

This was followed by dodgy mortgage brokers, high interest credit cards and job search sites.

I’ve actually begun to wonder if this is the work of Contextual Ad Placement. This is the practice of matching content to an apposite product. For example, one might see an advertisement for a fitness centre in the health section of a magazine. Or, an ad specifically geared to Aussie Working Families on Kev’s facester page.

This bespoke advertising is nothing new. In fact, it precedes the intertubes by some minutes. Media Watch ran a story about in 2002.

Contextual advertising can be used to great effect within traditional media. However, as my vulgar friend L pointed out, it might go terribly awry on the interboob.

Similarly, this marketing savvy blogger shows how the perverse algorithms of CAP can go mockingly pear shaped. Video footage of the seizure of British sailors in March by an Iranian naval patrol is adjoined by an ad that declares, “Life’s better with a boat!”

As I understand it, Google AdSense and Microsoft’s ContentAds derive their weird power from matching ads to keywords in text. Naturally, specialists in integration are finding new ways to colonise social media, the blogotariat and yearning souls of the world in general.

And current networking darling, Facebook, is unsurprisingly doing its bit to pollute you more utterly. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Palo Alto nerds are seeking newer, more precisely targeted solutions to sell you sh-t.

So, when next you visit Kev you might well be seduced into downloading a John Denver tune. (It’s likely, of course, that you won’t be sold His’n’His wedding cake ornaments.)

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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