Sunshine on one’s shoulders, as Kevin Rudd will attest, feels so damn lovely. The Ruddotron is a fan, you see, of John Denver. (Well, either this or the late songwriter has scored well in key marginal auditory testing.)

Kevin likes to listen to John during car trips, he explains. Not, presumably, in planes. This would merely entice fate to Fill Up My Cessna. (Oh, you try to be anything less than low when you’ve spent all morning on a website crawling with Emobrats and hollow politicians.)

Actually, the noble shoulders of Facebook Kev are beset with a little corona of sunshine. Presumably, he spent the better part of his week posing with a digital camera. As we all know, Web 2.0 will decide the election and not, for example, an open review of tax reforms destined to trigger an interest rate clusterf-ck.

Oh, he’s posted something new. Banging on about the Worm again.

Meantime, the interwebs continue to heave ‘neath the pressure of home-made agitprop. When you’ve finished watching Spandau Ballet videos , because G-D they’re so funny and lavishly homoerotic, you could go here.

The National Farmers Federation is neither funny nor homoerotic. Although, if only someone would dust David Crombie in a little bronzer, he might convince aging Spandau fans to vote for the HUNKY coalition.

Everyone, it seems, is uploading an agenda to YouTube. And there are those who deserve generous applause.

This parody of Zeppelin’s Rock & Roll is glorious. You may have seen it already, as anything hovering above mediocre tends to spread with the speed of irrational racist fear of, say, professional brown persons with mobile telephones. Except, you know, in a much more fun way.

Seriously, it’s worth the click .

In a week where the Walkley elite were treated to a blog-bashing by the ACCC, the interwebs continues to replicate its own strangeness.

It’s not enough to campaign online anymore. Now, you can actually exclusively exist online. Launched on Tuesday, Senator Online seems to have no intention of being anything more than an avatar. And, yes, they are sending their pixel-men forth as candidates in the upper house.

As ever, send cyber silliness and campaign crappery my way: [email protected]

Who’s watching who on YouTube? And how are those YouTube audience numbers? Thanks to Crikey’s friends at TubeMogul (the world’s leading source of YouTube content analysis) we can tell you all:

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