With all the mudslinging and self aggrandisement we can expect from the major parties (and let’s face it, the minor ones too) over the next 6 weeks, it’s good to see a glimmer of humour amidst all the earnestness. The Greens Senators are running their own very special competition alongside the federal election: LOL Pols.

For the LOL uninitiated, it’s a simple and seemingly addictive concept. Amusing photo + amusingly misspelled caption = hilarious. 

It supposedly began with Lolcats – you might want to check out I Can Has Cheezburger? for a general history and a few thousand photos – but it’s now extended its tendrils into just about everything. Wikipedia also has the full LOL run-down.

So far only the Liberals have made an appearance in this competition…


Kevin Rudd does however feature on blog Reasons You Will Hate Me — not a traditional LOL Pol perhaps, but a forceful blending of image and word.