Howard and Costello are a Team. As we were reminded yesterday, when the pair – sorry, the team – made the first major announcement of the campaign.

The team’s the thing, you see. They seem to have learned from great duos in recent history – right down to the detail that one has to be taller than the other, even if they did get their exit muddled:

Crikey has gone through the photo files to pull out some of the precedents.

There’s the Two Ronnies:


There’s Morcambe and Wise (Ern clearly invited his taller colleague Eric to dinner):

Ren and Stimpy:

Pete and Dud (who weren’t as upfront as some others):

Those good Conservative voters Gilbert and George:

Laurel and Hardy:

And we’re not sure if this picture was labelled correctly. It’s either Albert and Harold from Steptoe & Son or an artist’s impression of how John Howard and Peter Costello will look the day after the election