As we know, J-Ho and Kevin-in-The-Back-Seat-Of-My-Cadillac have thrilled cineastes the world over with their sterling YouTube contributions. And if this wasn’t enough to convince you that top-down media had been displaced rather in the fashion of a buttery upside-down cake, just have a look at what the electorate is doing.

In the future, to paraphrase celebrated blonde Andy Warhol, everyone will be endured and ridiculed for fifteen minutes.

So, let’s have a look shall we?

I’ve not seen any hoax quite so convincing as the purported Coalition ad as, ahem, revealed by Crikey.

However, Sydney’s Axis of Awesome might at least make you chortle. Thrill as a delightfully feeble John Howard free-styles his way into the hearts and minds of the all-important Hip Hop demographic. It’s cute.

More peer-to-peer satire delivered in the last 24 hours can be seen here. It’s not terribly funny. But, at least its DIY dissent, I suppose.

And while you’re waiting for J Dogg and Kevin-Is-A-Place-On-Earth to make Web 2.0 an even more ridiculous place, you might care for some righteous small business anger. Whoever aussieindependentstv is, he may very well have a legitimate point. He may, however, wish to enrol in an editing course at his local TAFE.

And toastmasters may assist the independent candidate for Forde.

The offering by Lachlan Connor, Victorian independent candidate for Senate, is rather like John Howard’s scalp. Which is to say, rather dry in patches. This is certainly the Wayne’s World isomer for Election ’07.

Meantime, ABBA and Kevin Rudd seems an apt, if eerie, cultural marriage.

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