And so it begins, not with a bang, but with a welter of pre-packaged newspaper supplements and pre-digested opinion. Forty days and forty nights until November 24 … it’s the temptation in the wilderness election. All we need is an emerging messiah.

At Crikey we’re just naughty boys and girls, but we’re also here to help you find a path through the campaign congestion.  Every day through campaign ’07 we will publish an early morning edition, one that will judge the previous day’s campaigning and tip you off to what’s to come on the day ahead. Our normal lunchtime edition will continue as usual.

In between times keep your eye on Crikey online at Watch Crikey’s Election Tracker as we map the candidates’ movements and gather content at every poll stop. Crikey’s patented Daily Verdict will tell you — according to Richard Farmer’s elaborate formula — who won each campaign day. For the real nitty gritty, check out Crikey’s Policy Comparison to see how the parties differ (or don’t). We’ve compiled all the ads in one handy location, the Grassroots Gravy Train keeps tabs on the porky promises and check the detail of Christian Kerr’s 49 Seats to Watch, the electorates that we believe will decide Election 07. Still to come, our voices from the Marginals, Crikey’s Cabbie panel and Campaign letterbox.

Last but by no means least we’ll bring you regular commentary from: Christian Kerr, Richard Farmer, Stephen Mayne, Wayne Errington, Marieke Hardy, John Hewson, Guy Rundle, Paul Comrie-Thomson, Margaret Simons, Adam Kilgour, Ian Smith, Helen Razer, Mungo MacCallum, Jeff Sparrow, David Flint, Mark Bahnisch, Norman Abjorensen, David MacCormack, Peter Brent and Possum Comitatus.

If you get to November 24 without a clue, it won’t be our fault.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey