As you read this, Malcolm Turnbull is winding up an interesting lunch with some leading members of his Wentworth electorate: top of the list of topics was the Pulp mill decision and, of course, financial support.

The financial side of this lunch, one of a few being organised around Wentworth, cannot be underestimated. Malcolm is in trouble because of boundary changes and the kerfuffle over the Gunns pulp mill. He needs all the support and assistance he can get to keep his flock on side and not voting green or independent.

Telstra director Geoff Cousins is leading the campaign against Malcolm in Wentworth from the ‘right’ side of the social set. He was on ABC radio in Sydney this morning having a go at Malcolm and speaking to his Eastern Suburbs heartland.

The function will be held in the private dining room upstairs at the Bellevue pub in Hargrave Street, Paddington. There’s an irony in selecting the Bellevue: in the 1980s and early 1990s it was an ALP pub in the heart of blue-rinse Wentworth. The likes of John Singleton, Eric Walsh and others drank there when it was owned by Susie Carleton. Bob Hawke, Mick Young, Richo and others were guests.

Now its more social, less political, but you do see the likes of footballers, business people, journalists, real estate magnates and their ‘friends’ lunching or dining there.

An email circulating in Sydney about today’s lunch says in part:

This election will be one of the most important elections in the history of Federation. The wrong outcome will adversely affect our businesses and our families and could change the nation’s direction disastrously and irreversibly.

The electoral boundaries for Wentworth have changed. Malcolm has a challenge on his hands. It is imperative that we show some leadership, take a stand and see this man returned to Canberra where he will fight our battles on our behalf.

Michael Yabsley will be at the lunch to explain the benefits enjoyed by subscribers to the Wentworth Foundation. That was set up three weeks ago and announced by Prime Minister Howard to raise money for Malcolm’s fight.

Yabbers, a former state MLA, is now one of the chief fund raisers (arm twisters really, given the way the NSW branch of the party has sunk into the hands of the far right). Not many of the East like the Liberal Party, and those who run it in NSW, anymore. Mal and Yabbers will have their work cut out getting anything more than a token amount from functions like today.

Give early and give often, obviously.