There’s Gillard. You can’t miss that hair. There’s Garrett. You can’t miss that lack of hair. There’s… some bloke with a beard. Wotisname. And in ten weeks time, if the polls are right, they’ll all be ministers.

That’s right. A change of government is upon us. But how many members of Kevin Rudd’s frontbench team can you recognise?

An informed citizenry is essential for democracy. That means you have to know your pols – even when they’re just seat warmers, faction hacks or inherited their seats from their old man.

I’ll bet you London to a brick that fewer than five per cent of the population could recognise Chris Evans – and he’ll probably be the leader of the government in the Senate by the end of the year.

So, in the interests of good government, we’re running a Crikey quiz: Name the shadow ministry.

Simply match the numbered photos with the name of the politician and their shadow portfolio (list can be found here ). A helpful hint: to really test you, we’ve added a couple of ring-ins. 

Send your entries to [email protected] , with “Name the shadows” in the title line. The first correct entry will win a copy of The Crikey Guide to the 2007 Federal Election (which, helpfully, doesn’t have any photos in it).