The Labor Party wheeled out Tommy Raudonikis and Crackers Keenan over the grand final weekend for an ad against, er, advertising during the grand final weekend. All too post modern for you? Well, take a dekko in the letter box.

The Government has the advantage of incumbency. That doesn’t just mean it can blow a bundle on ads for the IR system that dare not speak its name, super reforms, citizenship… whatever.

It also means that it has more incumbents – more Members and Senators with generously increased printing and postage allowances.

The Government is the government because it’s been more successful at marginal seat campaigning. Using these benefits of incumbency has been vital to its success.

They’ve also been helped along by the campaign templates assembled by the taxpayer funded campaign unit, the Government Members Secretariat.

There’s been plenty of attention paid to the big government advertising campaigns. But what about the re-election campaigns Coalition members are waging in their own seats? What’s coming out from Senate offices? All this material is much more important.

There’s no hiding from the big ad campaigns, but we’d like to see the seat-by-seat campaign material pols put out.

Virtually every Coalition seat held by 10 per cent of less is being treated as if it’s in play. If you live in one, we’d love to see what you’re getting. Scan it in and email it to [email protected] or bung it on the fax to (03) 8623 9975.

If YouTube specials or feds on Facebook swing more than 100 votes across the country at this election, we’ll be amazed. This stuff isn’t s-xy – but pols pin their hopes on it. Let’s have a look-see at what they’re putting out.