Jane Goodall says biofuel crops hurt rain forests. Primate scientist Jane Goodall said on Wednesday the race to grow crops for vehicle fuels is damaging rain forests in Asia, Africa and South America and adding to the emissions blamed for global warming. — Planet Ark

Pacific hydro finds UTM improves its environment. Daniel Hayward has some unusual security challenges.The Global IT Manager for Melbourne-based renewable energy company is in charge of offices around Australia, but also controls presences in the USA, Chile and Brazil. — Tech Target

In hot water: ice age defrosted by warming ocean, not rise in CO2. Earth’s climate can be sensitive, changing after a variety of events. A volcanic eruption or meteorite impact, for instance, can send enough particles into the air to block the sun and cool the climate. — Scientific American

Billions committed for environment at Clinton global initiative. Former President Bill Clinton established the CGI on the premise that the world is faced with complex problems that government either is not solving or that government alone cannot solve. People attend the meetings, learn more about a given issue, and then decide to take action. — Newswire

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