Brush your teeth and help rivers at the same time! What do toothpaste and mouthwash have to do with protecting our rivers? A lot, thanks to Tom’s of Maine, our country’s leading natural care company. — Treehugger

Ancient global warming amplified by belching bogs. A study out of the University of Bristol in Britain has determined that huge belches of methane from ancient bogs, in what is now southeastern England, likely amplified global warming some 55 million years ago. — AccuMall

Typhoon wipha slams coast of China. Typhoon Wipha slammed into the Chinese coast less than 60 miles south of Wenzhou about three hours ago and remains a Category 3 hurricane has it travels north at about 12 mph. — The Daily Green 

The untapped green within graying buildings. She rose 14 stories in 1929 as part of a development wave that established Seattle’s downtown commercial district. Nearly 80 years later, the Art Deco office building erected by lumber tycoon Joseph Vance and prominent architect Victor V. Voorhees rides the crest of another architectural wave slowly washing over many U.S. cities. — Green Buildings

New Facebook application helps you go green. If like most internet users (or, indeed, planet dwellers) you’re now resident on Facebook, you’ll probably be getting pretty tired of being turned into a zombie, fending off stalkers and poking your friends. So why not use this almighty resource as a force for good? —Hippyshopper