San Francisco prepares for PARKing day. Get ready to get your sod on for PARK(ing) Day, Friday, Sept. 21 (that’s tomorrow!), an event that first began when Rebar, a San Francisco collective, transformed a metered parking spot into a park almost two years ago. The impetus: More than 70 percent of most cities’ outdoor space is dedicated to automobiles, but only a fraction of that land is available as open space for people. — Treehugger

Asian “Atlantis” continues to mystify. Natural formations or 5,000-year-old city ruins? Scientists are still divided over the origin of mysterious stone structures off the coast of Japan’s Yonaguni Jima. — National Geographic

Bog farts contributed to global warming. A study out of the University of Bristol in Britain has determined that huge belches of methane from ancient bogs, in what is now southeastern England, likely amplified global warming some 55 million years ago. — AccuWeather

At this rate the world will be green in a decade. Not a day goes by that I do not hear from yet another storage or server vendor that their offering, whatever it is, is green. This mania started about a year ago in earnest. Prior to that, the green movement was pretty much restricted to organizations outside of the computer industry. So, what is really going on? What has caused every software and hardware company to suddenly formulate a green message. — TechTarget

Forest nations demand billions to stop logging. A multibillion-dollar plan to protect forests and reduce global warming is to be backed by an alliance of nations that are home to more than 80 per cent of the world’s tropical rainforests.The grouping of up to 20 countries will be announced during United Nations talks on climate change in New York on Monday, following a meeting chaired by Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. — Sydney Morning Herald