Corporate criminal Rodney “Rocket” Adler will be released on parole from St Helier minimum security jail at Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley on 10 October. His first post-prison interview has been secured by Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby, executive producers of Enough Rope, Australia’s most popular interview program. This won’t stop a media melee outside the St Helier facility, a 480-hectare prison 250 km north-west of Sydney which houses 250 inmates.

Adler was sentenced to four and a half years in jail in April 2005 with a non-parole period of two and a half years. Trial judge Justice John Dunsford described his corporate crimes as “an appalling lack of commercial morality” and marveled at his lack of remorse.

Prisoner No 382734, who has been banned from being a company director for 20 years, has been working with a ghostwriter on his autobiography which is designed to kick-start his return to the social whirl of Sydney’s eastern suburbs where he was educated (Cranbrook) and lived (Bellevue Hill).

The corporate high-flyer, who was once tipped as a possible president of the Australian republic, appears to have been convinced by the parasites who surround him that he is a victim, that he was persecuted by over-zealous ASIC investigators and that he deserves another chance. In other words, it’s the Bondy/Laurie Connell/John Elliott defence all over again.