It wasn’t called at the end of APEC and it wasn’t called last weekend. So when’s the Prime Minister going to call on the Governor-General and ask him to dissolve parliament and issue the writs for a poll? Some pundits say today’s polling mean the PM will go later. Others say he’ll be dropping by Yarralumla this weekend.

The Electoral Act sets a minimum election period of 33 days and a maximum period of 58 days from the issue of the writs to election day.

This means that, in practice, elections get called on Sundays for Saturdays five weeks away. 2004’s six week campaign was an odd exception.

So, here it is – your Crikey cut out ‘n’ keep guide to election dates (along with this morning’s payments from Sportingbet Australia, just in case something happens this weekend):

October 27 – called September 23, pays $2.75

November 3 – called September 30, pays $7.50

November 10 – called October 7, pays $4.50

November 17 – called October 14, pays $5.00

November 24 – called October 21, pays $6.50

December 1 – called October 28, pays $7.00

December 8 – called November 4, pays $9.00.

Anything after then gets silly – but if the poll is on December 29, you’ll make a motza from the bookies.