APEC was good business for Sydney’s brothels. Not only that but my yarn in Crikey a couple of weeks ago went all over the world providing free advertising for the NSW brothel industry.

Many people and media groups have asked me, “Did Putin or any world leader make a visit?” The answer is no. I’m not saying that because of privacy reasons either.

However, we did get secret service agents, trade envoys, economic attaches and overseas journalists spending an hour or so in some of our best establishments. One person identified himself as a trade minister. Once inside a room with a lady of their choice the clients were only too willing to divulge what job they held and where they were from.

Business was up by around 300% around the Surry Hills, Potts Point, Edgecliff, Rushcutters Bay and Bondi. However, brothels in the west of Sydney who were advertising APEC themed packages such as the Condi Combo, the Presidential Platter and the UN duo also saw their profits rise by around 200%, with many patrons avoiding the city’s transport, parking and restricted conditions — not to mention the over zealous police.

The Surry Hills result was helped by Sydney’s most infamous brothel A Touch of Class closing recently. Also, Channel Seven news exposed and closed down an illegal brothel operating directly across the road from the NSW Police APEC Control Centre

The big five countries by patronage were:

  1. USA
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Russia
  5. Canada

Kerry Russell, General Manager of The Site at Rosehill in Sydney’s west said, “They can have APEC anytime.”