The 1980s are back. With the release of the results of the government’s Parliamentary Inquiry into drug use, inquiry head Bronwyn Bishop yesterday reminded us of the dire consequences of taking drugs.

Her “drugs aren’t cool” rhetoric brought back memories of Nancy Reagan’s “Just say no” campaign, which sparked an enormous war on drugs that enlisted our favourite TV stars and cartoons.

We took a peep into Bronwyn’s Favourites folder and came up with the following:

Lyrics: “You can say goodbye to a long happy life, if you shoot, snort or drag / The suckers will the winners won’t the choice is yours to decide / Mr. T don’t snort, Mr. T don’t drag, I’m happy just being me / Now play it smart, stay in school and leave the dope to the freaks!”

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In the episode, the Flintstone Kids campaign against drugs and Wilma refuses to smoke marijuana in order to gain entry into a ‘cool crowd’.