For Kevin, September is a very favourable month, my advice is he should get involved with as many things socially as he possibly can. He’ll make many new friends and acquaintances and should focus on being different by showing passion and a realism that people can identify with.

He needs to be seen, this is what will work for the majority of the Australian public in September.

He’ll be meeting with people he hasn’t seen for a very long time and needs to be ready to travel at a moment’s notice to out-of-the-way places, which will present many new opportunities. When they occur he’ll need to recognize and react instantly, otherwise the moments will be lost.

New and unusual situations will present themselves to Kevin around the 11th of September in ways he’ll least expect. He must also be very aware, not to take on any projects that move faster than he can keep up with, otherwise he’ll spin.

Now this is something to think about, he’s probably going to be thrown a red herring towards the end of this month. If he bites it’ll be to his peril. My advice would be for him to pull back and consult deeply with his closest party members. The skill’s there, it’ll just have to be recognized and used.

Some situations he’ll be presented with in September will seem bizarre. How he handles them will in most cases, deem his success in the future, even though at the time he might not be aware of it.

He needs to concentrate on being colourful, but must be very careful not to show nervous tension. At times he’ll feel very vulnerable and he’ll need to shut down so as not to put himself in an embarrassing situation.

He needs to be careful he doesn’t scatter his energies. This will be his major vulnerability during the month of September. Stay away from projects and concepts that go nowhere.

Kevin if you read this article, keep pushing ahead with new ideas and don’t stop. Always make sure whatever you’re campaigning for is backed up with a valid system. Currently your opposition is dead in the water. Take advantage of it.

This a great time to find, and present new ways to improve old methods, Kevin mustn’t back down on policies, but push them further throughout September, that’s what will keep his opposition worried.

Peter Fray

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