Last week Crikey published research conducted by Liberal Party pollsters Crosby/Textor, research that paints a grim picture of the party’s electoral position. Today after receiving various legal threats from Crosby/Textor we will be removing that document from our website.

However Crikey refuses, as Crosby/Textor have also demanded, to reveal the source of the document, nor will we be refraining from further commentary based on the findings of the research. In fact, today we present a compelling take on Oz Track 33 prepared by the unflappable and astoundingly incisive Possum Comitatus. As Possum observes, having scanned the research:

The Liberal leadership knows they’ve lost. They’ve conceded the election, which is why they are running a firewall strategy. They have lost but cannot tell their own marginal seat holders because a riot will break out and turn a defeat into destruction.

We can’t imagine why they want that harmless little piece of polling off the internet.