Heavy Kevvie can yak in Mandarin? So what? The Prime Minister is no slouch in the language department.

He’s taken out an ad in the Sing Tao Daily – but seems to have used some loose language:  

This is what the advertisement roughly says:

Working hard for Bennelong to do all that is necessary to do.

During his term, John Howard has many achievements, these are all on the public records.

As a member of Bennelong, John Howard, in the past three years, had worked tirelessly to obtain for the local council, schools, community organizations and small businesses 40 million dollars in Federal funding.

This includes 1 million for road improvement, 8 million for school infrastructure and equipment, and the setting up in North Ryde a family relationship centre.

Since the establishment of the Howard government, over 2.1 million new jobs have been created, of which 365,000 jobs were created since the WorkChoices reform was introduced in March 2006.

John Howard will do his best to achieve more for Bennelong.

WorkChoices? WorkChoices? The IR policy that dare not speak its name – being cited by the PM himself in his own electorate?

Is this a major stuff-up – or was something lost in translation?