While many Sydney CBD businesses are crying fowl because of the APEC presence, some of Sydney’s brothel barons are cock-a-hoop at the potential for big business during the forum. Brothels located outside of the city’s declared and restricted zones, particularly in Surry Hills, have been fielding phone calls from overseas for the past two weeks.

The most frequently asked questions from our economic allies are:

How many entrances are there to the brothel?
Is the brothel in a discreet location?
Do I need a booking?
Does the brothel have a stringent privacy policy?
Is there discreet parking available instead of off-street?
Can the car park spots accommodate big cars?
Can a client be taken immediately to a room?
Do you have any blondes?

Due to the expected increase in patronage many of Sydney’s best ladies will not be availing themselves of the APEC public holiday on Friday as it is a peak earning period.

Many media outlets have contacted me in the past week wanting the jump on the identity of APEC patrons visiting a brothel. One scribe to me: “Mate if you get, say, a Putin in there, I want to be the first to know. That would be sensational”

However, as I revealed in Crikey a couple of weeks ago, the Adult Business Association have a policy to never reveal customers’ identities as doing so would be a serious breach of privacy. It would also be the death knell of the brothel concerned as no one would ever return for fear of being outed.

Brothels outside of the CBD are also expected to be busy. Kerry Russell, General Manager of The Site at Rosehill in Sydney’s west said they are running special deals for the APEC weekend. “We believe brothels in other areas of Sydney are expected to have increased patronage because people who normally travel to the city will stay away because of the expected chaos and patronise their local brothel instead,” she said.

The Site, claim to be Asia Pacific’s No1 In Pleasure, gained notoriety earlier this year when they hired mile high hostie Lisa Robertson for “promotional and marketing” skills. They are offering “The Presidential Platter”, a one hour of entertainment with the lady of your choice which includes a spa and a massage. The “United Nations” double will allow a client to have the best of ladies from countries of their choice.

Who said business wouldn’t prosper during APEC?