Word has been brewing for months that John Howard’s battlers are deserting him — and here’s the proof. Australia’s ultimate aspirationals, Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig nee Day have hit out at the Prime Minister.

Episode 3, entitled ‘Work’ aired last night, and it was a searing portrait of a family hurting from the government’s Work Choices.

Here’s the synopsis:

Episode 3 – Work

Kath becomes a health professional and has the TAFE certificate to prove it. Kim needs a guinea pig for her new career. Brett is busting to impress his bosses.

In a pivotal scene Kim tries to convince husband Brett to wag work to “hit the DFOs” but he replies, “No way, new management are boning people left right and centre at the moment.”

And that’s where the subtlety ends. Enter Kath.

KATH KNIGHT DAY: “Oh Brett you’re going to work early.”

BRETT CRAIG: “Yeah new Work Choices Mrs D.”

KIM CRAIG NEE DAY: “Oh they’re watching everyone like a hawk at the moment, one foul move and you’re out.”

KATH KNIGHT DAY: “Bloody Howard.” 

Earlier this year Crikey broke the story that that those commie Channel Nine script writers for McLeod’s Daughters had subversivly undermined the government by shooting an anti Work Choices story line — but they didn’t dare say the AWA word out loud, let alone mention the PM.

But Kath and Kim put the daughters to shame. Later, Brett comes home with the news that has been fired:

BRETT: “I took an unscheduled toilet break. In the shop.”

KATH: “Oh Brett! In the shop!

BRETT: “They’ve rehired me. Little less money, much worse conditions.

KATH: “Oh bloody Howard! I’d like to take away his toot breaks and see how he feels in his jolly lower house.”


So can Channel Seven expect a phone call from the PM’s office demanding answers about Kath’s toot talk last night?

Caller Frank from talkback land will be complaining, he registered his dissatisfaction with 2GB earlier today:

2GB (Sydney)
Mornings – 03/09/2007 – 12:42 PM

Caller Frank watched Kath and Kim last night. He says there were two occasions on which they denigrated Mr Howard and he was quite upset. It was about workplace agreements. Morrison says they are ‘tyring to get topical’. They said Kim was fired and rehired for less money and less entitlements. Frank says this is against the law and they have a political agenda… Frank hates celebrities using their celebrity to push a political agenda…

Either Kath’s throwaway comment was a cynical ploy for a run of free publicity (the ratings dipped by 200,000 last night) or it’s a true pink velour-clad reflection of the mood of the nation.

No doubt Crosby/Textor will be circling the Donut King at Fountain Gate this weekend to find out.