Sports people don’t just take illicit drugs. They sometimes deal them too. A couple of years ago I was at a nightclub in Kings Cross with a friend of mine who bought some little white tablets from a South Sydney NRL player.

Safe eyes. To the person who was after the code to uninstall the internet filter “safe eyes”, Google as always, has the answer.

Fickle times indeed for the HIA. The Housing Industry Association are repositioning themselves as supporting Labor, while letting the AiGroup (of which they are an equal 1/3 member) bash Labor policy. This each way bet is directly related to two things – John Howard naming them as the Assoc that was blacklisted by Labor after they actively campaigned against Keating, and the resurgence of support being shown to the Master Builders Assoc (the sworn enemy of the HIA) by the ACT Government. Other aspects of this shift: the MBA are now working directly with ACT Labor on their Affordable Housing initiatives – something HIA thinks they deserve (see the HIA’s recent relaunch of the Housing Affordability round-table, which first time around had no-one take notice of (it was also done in collab with Libs, this time around, it’s been run in collab with Rudd) Fickle times indeed for the HIA, as it loses membership to the MBA (oh – that’s the most important bit, isn’t it?)

Update on APEC 2007. All maintenance staff at both Waterboard and Energy Australia have had their leave cancelled for the period 2 – 9 September. Both organisations have buildings based in Bathurst street Sydney and the basement of each building has been fitted out for partitioned sleeping areas so staff can sleep over for the week.

Going stir crazy. Last week’s report from Oxfam and A Just Australia called ‘A Price Too High’ argues that the Sri Lankans detained on Nauru are going stir crazy, stating: “There is anecdotal evidence that, even after just a few months of on Nauru under these conditions, the current group of young Sri Lankan men are facing difficulties with boredom and alcohol as they move about in the community, in contrast to the family groups that made up the bulk of the previous intakes. This is causing concern amongst Nauruans.” Is it true that some of them are facing serious criminal charges after an assault on a Nauruan?