The average citizens’ consumption: Mathis Wackernagel, director of the Global Footprint Network … calculates the average citizen on the planet needs 2.2 hectares of productive croplands, pastures, wetlands, forests and coastal fishing grounds to get by, compared with the 1.8 hectares per head that the planet has available. — New Scientist environment blog

The cost of the biofuel boom: Land that was once used to grow food is increasingly being turned over to biofuels. This may help us to fight global warming – but it is driving up food prices throughout the world and making life increasingly hard in developing countries.The Guardian

Ireland heating up fast: The Irish climate is heating up almost twice as fast as the rest of the world, a report has suggested. Weather records from the last 100 years show significant differences between Ireland’s temperature patterns and global warming. The Environmental Protection Agency, which commissioned the research, said the impact could not be slowed in future years by international action. — BBC News

NT Toads hit WA: While more and more of WA’s fauna is threatened by extinction, Environment Minister David Templeman is dithering over how to tackle the threat of a cane toad invasion from the Northern Territory. — The West Australian