In all the kerfuffle over alleged Prime Ministerial adjustments to the normally impeccable e-record that is Wikipedia, we shouldn’t forget the little people, for Wikipedia is not the exclusive preserve of the good and the great.   Yes, Tim Blair has an entry too. What’s more, Tim’s page is the subject of rigorous and apparently constant quality-control inspection.   Late last week we received information that certain changes had been made to the Blair entry, a page that normally charts the rise of a humble blogger and hack to the stratosphere of total control over the opinion pages of The Daily Telegraph . The changes involved, among other ephemera, unflattering references to c-lonic irrigation. Ten minutes later they were gone, and the un-irrigated record had returned.   Such attention to detail, and all of it carried out at arm’s length. We alerted Tim to the goings on under his name: ”I have no idea what this means, but it sounds like I should be relieved,” he said. Indeed.   The first screen shot below was captured at 1.56pm Friday. The next was at 2.09. (Click on the image to read it in a new window – you may need to click on the image again to enlarge). 


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