The curious and conflicted practice of Australian journalism: an occasional series.

Who could be better placed than Bulletin editor John Lehmann to steer into print a definitive account of the slow implosion of the once great Nine Network? It was Lehmann, remember, who first got his hands on the now legendary Llewellyn affidavit when media writer at The Australian. Admittedly he sat on the document, leaving Crikey to publish first, but the fact is the man must have a better than working knowledge of where the Nine network’s bodies are buried.

So: will Lehmann commission a comprehensive account of Nine’s apparent slip from grace? Will he devote the same energy and intensity as the Bulletin has recently committed to skewering the Seven network and Kerry Stokes over the C7 case? Or is a Nine expose not the sort of cross promotional journalism that the Bulletin’s proprietors might favor? Maybe we’ll have to wait for something from boned Nine news chief Garry Linnell. Anywhere but in the Bulletin would be a safe bet.