The interim control order placed on terror suspect Jack Thomas has been relaxed. According to the records of the High Court:

The interim control order was made under Pt 5.3, Div 104, subdiv B, s 104.4 of the Criminal Code. The order required the plaintiff to remain at his residence in Williamstown, Victoria, between midnight and 5 am each day unless he notified the Australian Federal Police of a change of address. It also required him to report to the police three times each week. It required him to submit to having his fingerprints taken. He was prohibited from leaving Australia without the permission of the police. He was prohibited from acquiring or manufacturing explosives, from communicating with certain named individuals, and from using certain communications technology.

That was then.

10 things for ”Jihad” Jack Thomas to do this weekend:

  1. Phone Osama. (Get number through directory assistance.)
  2. Go to the footy.
  3. Go to Bunnings. Acquire and manufacture explosives. Buy sausage and bread from Apex stall.
  4. Walk the dog.
  5. Narrowly avoid explosive demolition of dog after stick chasing mix up.
  6. Change fingerprints. Possibly with explosives.
  7. Go for a beer with certain named individuals.
  8. Leave Williamstown. By taxi.
  9. Or run for Williamstown in forthcoming state byelection!
  10. Change name to ”Triple Brownlow Medallist” Jack Thomas, just for fun. Get home by midnight.