More SBS breach of contract? A production company is evaluating its options after SBS breached its contract. More litigation could be on the horizon. Also one must question some of the spin doctoring surrounding the Movie Show. Recent release stated Movie Show watched by millions. Strange considering the web site only receives 15,000 visits per month. Not a bad result considering SBS spent close to a million bucks to Fremantle Media. Internally there is some noise re SBSi – i stands for independent – Not anymore. Lots going on at Herbert St. I suggest a closer look may be in order. Can you also tell us – where did Matt Campbell come from – previous television experience seems a little lite on – but then again he did purchase Myth Busters from Discovery channel.

Pity about the noise though! John Pasquarelli was in a Ballarat cafe yesterday spouting his views loudly for all to hear including his views about women. The cafe was right next to the Liberal party office and several party faithfuls were coincidentally sipping lattes on one of the outside tables. A visit to the office by John to speak with hopeful Sam McIntosh was not fruitful. We overheard him talking about Pauline and how the party will be registered and up and running with the support of the Libs. Interesting to see how much involvement. I asked the cafe owner if John was a local and he replied he lives in Talbot now. We just sat listening as he raved on in his usual manner, enjoying the quiet irony of being two Aboriginal women enjoying lunch. Pity about the noise though!

A Labor lawyer? Why hasn’t the press pointed out that Judge Spender was a member of Brisbane’s Labor Lawyer grouping?

From the grassy knoll: Just been to Helen Caldicott’s talk in Canberra. She said that Howard is about to sign off on 25 nuclear power stations down the east coast – it will cost Labor billions to get out of the contracts.

Is there a putsch looming at the Nine Network? The newsroom is falling apart, relations between the executive in charge, Jeff Browne and Garry Linnell are non-existent and now I hear there’s a move against the Sydney News director and deputy to Linnell, John Choueifate. Linnell and Browne fell out over the latter’s attempts to recruit Sunrise boss, Adam Boland from Seven. Sydney TV newsrooms were full of stories today how Choueifate was under pressure from reporters in the newsroom, and how there could be a move against him. Sydney newspapers have been carrying reports of the unease in the past week and several had a go at Nine veteran Sydney reporter, Mark Burrows who was seen at a social function with friends from Seven who were celebrating a new birth. Now there’s reports that Burrows may be aiming higher at Nine and not across Sydney at seven, as was suggested in the Sydney Daily Telegraph.