Contrary Mary? It’s a shame that today’s media reports on SBS focus on the Mary and Stan fall-out. To be honest, Mary can be hard work at the best of times. A newsroom functions because of team work and it shouldn’t just be about the newsreader, she’s one of a team and should act like it.

Up sh-t creek. While Carla Zampatsy steers the SBS board up sh-t creek, Australia looks set to lose another television broadcaster to Fox News style sensationalism. Another board member Gerald Stone, who one would have thought would be the first to take a stand, seems happy to settle in for the ride. After all, his first book about the death of Channel 9’s credibility was such a hit, you can’t really blame him. This board should take responsibility for sacking Shaun just like the New Zealand Prime Minister did. Luckily one member of the team Mary Kostakidis, has the guts to stand up.

Spam. You may be interested to know that there appears to have been a hack of Hotmail by 419 scammers. I received an email from a colleague, whose account was accessed by some lads from Lagos, pleading for money to help pay her hospital bills after a mugging on the streets of Nigeria. Thing is, she’s actually in Paris, not Nigeria. From what I have been able to ascertain, it may not have been a one-off hit on a single account, but something more widespread.

The Scores Top 50. There must be quite a few CEO’s and CFO’s in the Australian Top 50 listed company scene that are feeling a little uncomfortable about the Kevin Rudd’s NY “Scores” appearance. Scores was the number 1 entertainment venue in the late 1990’s for the australian dealing desk of a current top five broking house. The head of the NY desk was charged with entertaining the CEO & CFO’s that flew into town on roadshows and marketing trips. Apparently, according to sources on that desk, it was not uncommon that these men of power had trouble controlling their hands.

Heard on 5AA this morning. Tony Pilkington and Keith Conlon talking about Rudd and Scores. Pilkington says he heard a rumour about a Parliamentary delegation two years ago to Copenhagen. He says what Kevin Rudd did at Scores is nothing compared to what went on in Copenhagen. He says a senior political journalist knows the story but is having it checked out legally. Conlon says the Manager of Scores has said Rudd didn’t do anything and didn’t get chucked out so there goes the story, but it’s let other stories start to trickle.