Beijing’s population surges past 17 million. The population of Beijing has surged past 17 million, just a few hundred thousand short of the ceiling of 18 million set by the local government, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday. The population rise is straining the city’s natural resources and environment, with Beijing long-having passed food self-sufficiency mark of 14 million, the report said. — Basque News

Using ‘Shrooms to Grow Biodiesel. Fungi have really become the go-to organisms in biotechnology circles: we’ve seen them used as a form of insulation and have seen several potential applications for biofuel production. Notch yet another one to the latter category: a team of scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology have discovered a better way to make biodiesel using a fungus-derived enzyme. – Treehugger

Brides go from white to green in pro-environment nuptials. While most people see weddings as the epitome of love, others have come to see them as the height of consumption. From a gown worn only once to invitations tossed in the trash heap to flowers grown in pesticide — a growing niche is developing as more brides do their part for the Earth by making their weddings “green”… Those wondering how to mesh the environment and their “I dos” can also turn to an online magazine designed for eco-friendly brides launched earlier this year. Portovert offers advice on everything from invitations on recycled paper to caterers who serve organic entrees. – Earth Times

Democrats in $7bn plan to turn US green. America’s politicians are waking up to the moneymaking and job creation possibilities of combating global warming and challenging the Bush administration to invest in a new generation of “green-collar” jobs. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives wants to spend almost $7bn in the coming year to reduce the nation’s enormous carbon footprint. This has put it on a collision course with the White House, which remains in denial about the dangers of global warming. – The Independent

Naked photo shoot to save the environment. Greenpeace has decided to photograph hundreds of volunteers lying naked on Switzerland’s Aletsch glacier. Environmentalists regard glaciers as key indicators of global warming and the signs are not good: glaciers are shrinking rapidly. – BBC