Finally, Rudd appears on 4BC! Kevin Rudd finally appear on Brisbane’s 4BC yesterday, the station just blocks from his office that’s been chasing him for yonks. And the reason why he hasn’t appeared? Well, that was tackled:

Host : Taking Queensland for granted has been what we thought you’d been doing with us and Kevin Turner’s Real Estate program over the last week. Kevin wanted to have a chat with you on Saturday about housing affordability and, as I said, you seemed to be ducking us. Are you taking Queenslanders for granted?

Rudd : No. I’ve said before I’m sorry for this misunderstanding about your program and the Real Estate Program, in particular, I got buried in a meeting at the Australia-America Leadership Dialogue in Melbourne on Saturday and I’m very sorry for having missed that program having earlier committed to it and I’ll do it again if that’s what you guys still want. In terms of accessibility to your station, your program, I’m sorry if there’s been a breakdown in communication there…

What? Staff to blame? Nobody told Kev?

Poor polls for Pauline – but she should still make a quid. Support for Pauline Hanson’s Senate candidacy is running at just five per cent, according to a Morgan face to face poll 1,509 Queensland electors taken over the weekends of May/June 2007 and 746 Queensland electors on the weekends of July 2007. We’d have to wait to see where the preference would go, but it’s well short of the 14 plus per cent needed to win election in your own right at a half Senate poll. Handily though, it’s just over the threshold for public funding. And there’s no need to add a “please explain” about that.

Peter Costello and the ties that bind? A subscriber writes:

Nice stories about Rudd ties but what about Costello? The Treasurer is a rabid Essendon supporter, yet The Age had him on the front page the other day with a dreadful striped tie.

It rang a bell with me and I got out the tie given to me by the Melbourne Football Club a couple of years ago as a reward for joining the MFC on top of my Melbourne Cricket Club membership. Have a look and you will see that the ties look the same.

The Treasurer hasn’t been showing his beloved Bombers the same sort of loyalty that he’s shown the PM, has he?]

It’s like a jungle sometimes…: Last week we asked you to suggest songs and killer dance moves for your own Rock Eisteddfod Election 07 entry. A copy of The Crikey Guide to the 2007 Election goes to MC Michael Frost for his reworking of ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Read it here.